Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

black and gray bariron gym in boxset for push ups

The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Makes Today The Day

Is it time for you to finally get that great shape you have been wanting for years? Do you find that it can be difficult to set aside time to get to the gym? Don’t worry you’re not alone; there are many people that have these same issues.

Day to day life can present all kinds of obstacles that prevent us from meeting our workout goals. Furthermore, the price of some gym memberships can be expensive and may not fit into our budget.

Whats The Solution?

A common solution to this problem in the past has been using home gym equipment. The problem with this is that these machines can cost over a thousand dollars and can take up the space of an entire room. You actually need to dedicate an entire area of your home to this type of equipment.

The good news is that there is an answer to this whole situation and it’s the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar. This is a cost effective way to turn your body into a sculpted work of art without breaking the bank or taking up an entire area of your home.

The best part is that the patented design of this gym allows you to place it any doorway without having to drill or mount any hardware.

Why is this Bar Different?

Most of the usual pull up bars on the market allow for three gripping positions which allows you to maximize your workout potential. These grips include the chip-up, wide and standard pull-up grip. What this basically means is you can hold the bar in a forward, reverse or wide grip position.

This pull up bar has taken things up a notch by adding two more gripping options. The two new grips are perpendicular to the wall which allow for hammer grip style pull ups as well as making reverse pull ups much easier. This is really the next level in pull up bars.

Is this Very Expensive?

Most of the pull up bars available today can run upwards of $100 and don’t off the same benefits that bar does. You can get the Iron Gym for much less, usually around $30 and if you decide to take advantage of an online offer you can get two for the price of one, usually around $40 total. They also offer free ab straps that make the unit even more functional, you just have to pay for shipping and handling.

If you want to get in shape, save space in your home and keep thousands of dollars in your wallet then the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar should be one of the first things you consider.

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